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She is a B Tech (computer science) graduate from Shdan womens engineering college.Fun loving and cheerful girl. She is confident and has positive attitude towards life. She is caring and friendly person. She has always lived in a joint family, which has instilled these values in her. She has a quiet nature. She loves to do social work and read about religion. Does not indulge in argument with anyone but love to listen and learn. Firmly believe in giving space to everyone and not interfere in anyone's private business.Quite open and frank in her approach and opinion. Some one who respects humanity in general, sensitive towards others' feelings, respect elderly. Not a hardliner towards religion or for that matter anything. True love and submission towards Ahl al-Bayt is a must. She is a multi tasking lady can take care of household stuff and if required she can do official work as well.Studied from a convent school completed gradguate. She is a hardworking lady with fear of Allah. The best part is she is a very good cook. There are more to write but i guess better to meet and talk if things workout well , Inshallah !


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