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She says 'Well this self narration is a tough thing i guess still i try, am the one with average liberal thoughts, thoughtful and some kind of creative human, people say its always interesting talking to me, and i believe they are true, because i always have unique point of views and interpretation about things and may be because i studies from an ART College, NCA Lahore, artists have a different perspective about common things usually. well i dont think why people today want to be as creative as God is, i mean the partner to be of this height this complexion etc yes but it simplifies the search that's helpful for that only, i guess you understand, other than appearance for me the thing is understanding which actually transforms into a true marriage of minds and then true souls, we humans floating in the sea of lust and cravings and we are lost and separate from our bank of humanity, i think am of those who are standing on that bank of humanity and looking for the true soul mate, to appear from the sea of humanity and come to me and hold me and never leave me alone. She thinks 'well its very hard to find all flowers in one season but still i try ... i want him to be of same sect and belief system , and should be educated, humble and very down to earth and should acquire strong capabilities to maintain the level of judgement among relationships and should be pure and original as originality is naked but sacred truth of a PURE MAN ' She says ' well as far as religious activities are concerned ... i believe religion is like a HEART you are born with ... so i always like to discuss about religion with my father , majalisis, and reading books also and i think that religious know how is spiritual light for every mind and heart which in reaction controls your daily life and decision making.'


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