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I have strong deep rooted islamic and humanistic principles that I will never compromise on. I believe in justice, honesty and doing things with the right intentions without harming / damaging or causing loss to others. I am absolutely not rigid in my opinion or believe and I am always open to learn new things even if we may not always agree with oneanother I believe in equality and can't stand injustice and oppression, while we may all agree with injustices done over the border and abroad and are selfclaimed ''activists'', I believe in tackling the problems from the roots and community work. I am opinionated, confident and I know what I want and don't want. I have worked my whole life in male dominated environments and this has shaped and empowered me a lot. I do believe women can be as good as men ;) PS: if you are surfing the WWW or thiss site to find a second wifey , please skip my profile ! I am against Polygamous marriages and I will sue you and make your life miserable if I find out that you have a second / third / 4th wife ! Having said this I wish you a painful and unsuccesful quest to find your doormat :P Please do not contact me for temporary marriage/ or if you are living outside the European Borders. P.S. Let not hit around the bushses and be direct. I don't like to waste my time in conversations that goes against islamic norms and values. I will block you the moment you call me '' cute'' lol . In case you don't like my profile and I send you a reminder by mistake (or deliberate lol ) i won't mind if you ignore it. If you can handle my energy than lets involve our parents so we can remove our profiles from here hahahahaaha


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