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I would like a spouse who is ambitious and willing to do the best he can. I would like to meet a family oriented guy as i'm very close to my family, this is very important to me. Someone who can have fun but also is assertive and firm when needs be. he needs to be able to balance personal life and professional life equally. And also gsoh! aslam alikum, I would like to say I am still learning alot about islam. I try to practice the basics of the religion, and yearning to learn more each and everyday. I would like to meet someone who will help me strengthen my imaan insha Allah. i do not follow anything blindly and research. I try to live my life with all sayings of Allah, His Prophet and Imam Ali (A.S.). Im quite shy so would like to meet someone who is not too eccentric. i am bubbly and fun with people I am comfortable with. i am not always centre of attention and would like someone who would accept that. I am intelligent and educated to degree level. I am looking for someone who will help me achieve my goals and ambitions and vice versa. In my personal life, I am ready to take it to the next level and I firmly believe that marriage is an essential part of life that I do not want to miss out on. I want a partner, and that means that I will support my partner in any way they need to fulfill their aspirations. Insh'Allah they will do the same for me. I take having children, and a home seriously and enjoy and want to have to a good, clean home filled with laughter and joy.


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