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Just simple, As Islam.My friends and relatives describe me as Beautiful, Down to earth, Religious and God fearing girl (alhumdulillah). I like to be very clean and organized as much as possible. I belong to very good family. Money, worldly successes, and prestige are transient, and I know that later in life there will be certain humanitarian and spiritual pursuits that I will find much more fulfilling. I'm hoping to find someone who shares this perspective, because I think he and I will make great companions throughout life's different stages. I'm hoping to find someone who is confident and comfortable being hisself. Someone who aspires to be successful, but who prioritizes the importance of things like faith and family. Someone who is easy-going, simple, and content. Life and relationships are what you make them, and there are always compromises and sacrifices involved. I'm not looking for the 'perfect match' - what does that even mean, anyway? I'm looking for someone who wants to approach life together with the right attitude, with faith, through all the ups and downs - and make the most of it :) Most importantly, I am looking for a companion and helper in seeking nearness to Allah (swt) and someone for whom I could be the same. I think the key to an ideal marriage is deference to the pleasure of Allah (swt) from both sides, in the tradition of the Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them all). I believe the purpose of marriage is to attain to Allah (swt). Love and respect cannot be demanded but rather earned. I always say that we are not infallible (Masoom) we are prone to mistakes and if anyone wants to appreciate the other they should make an effort to see the positives in that person not the negatives. By treating each other's families like they are your own family you will be showered with blessings - Inshallah. Expressing love to each other verbally has positive effects on the marriage. One has to learn to verbalize their emotions to their spouse

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